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    美国破坏国际规则事例It was the roaring of the wild beast, the true and only one.


    Gallardo, with his wonderful memory for faces, gained by constantly mixing with crowds, would recognise them; they were school-fellows, or companions of his vagabond childhood.
    "Listen to me, Juaniyo. All Seville knows about it! Nothing else is spoken of, and the news will get to your house and cause a ruction that will singe the good God's hair!... Just think—the Se?ora Angustias will put on a face like the Mater Dolorosa, and poor Carmen will get in a rage. Remember the row about that singer, and that was nothing to this.... This bicho[73] is far more dangerous, so beware."
    "This year I shall provide you with magnificent corridas. What bulls! We shall see if you will kill them like good Christians. Last year, you know, I was not at all pleased, the poor brutes deserved better."


    2.[108] When a bull stands by the object of his attack—attacking it again and again.
    3.The presence of his friends helped to make the remembrance still more vivid. All were friends of Do?a Sol, many even belonged to her family, and he had come to look on these as relations.
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